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Our journey

Our journey begins 25 years ago….

When 2 young friends, inspired by old stories and the desire for exploring, set off to discover the incredible craftsmanship of our world, driven by humility and great passion.

Fascinated by the experienced hands of those who shape local materials and seduced by the flavor of far away places, they decide to combine this know how with a design typically Made in Italy. And so Vestopazzo becomes an italian fashion brand that creates jewelry, clothing, accessories and much more…


It’s challenging and fun to look for always new paths and new solutions.


We have a passion for doing the job right. This is what constantly pushes us into giving our very best.


African proverb: “Kindness always comes before trust.”


Respecting oneself and others also means caring for the environment we share.

vestopazzo-store-logovestopazzo store roma - Largo di Torre Argentina

VESTOPAZZO Store – L.go delle Stimmate 28 – Roma (L.go di Torre Argentina)

 il mondo dentro 

We like to think that creating positivity brings more along with it.
For such reason Vestopazzo is active in charity projects, in the hopes they may improve or be the beginning of new networks and new opportunities.

A portion of the company’s profits is re-invested in the construction of schools, in long distance adoptions and to support the activities of various non-profit organizations.

charity projects