Cookies Policy


1.1. Cookies are small text files that some websites send to the computers of their users during browsing on the websites and that are memorized in the computer of the single user. Based on their function, some cookies are automatically deleted from the hard disk of the user at the end of each browsing session, other cookies stay, instead, memorized in the hard disk for a certain amount of time.

1.2. The User acknowledges and accepts that the Website uses the following cookies:

(i) “technical” cookies these cookies enable the Website to work properly. By way of example, these enable the User to visualize the contents of the Website in a different language according to the country where the User connects from. They enable the User to create its account, log in, manage its orders (including the so-called “Cart” and “WishList” functions), that enable to maintain the User identified during the browsing session and enable the Website to recognize Users who have already registered each time they access the Website.
(ii) “Google Analytics” cookies: these cookies are used by the company Google to elaborate statistical analysis on the browsing methods of the Users. The Controllers use the results of those analysis anonymously and for statistical purposes only. For further information on the functioning of Google Analytics cookies, also in relation to data protection, please visit the following webpage:

1.3. As a result of this Privacy Policy, the User declares to agree to the processing of its data carried-out by means of the cookies described above.

1.4. The User may refuse to install cookies by setting the browser it uses accordingly. It is hereby specified, however that in such case the User may not be able to fully benefit from some functions of the Website.

1.5. The User may modify parameters of the browser relating to the cookies with the modalities of the single browser. Please find below the path to be followed to modify the parameters of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer:





1.6. To disable the analytical cookies and choose to not be followed by Google Analytics in every website, the opt-out extension for browsers of Google Analytics may be downloaded: .